Custom-made kitchen furniture from Rīgas Mēbeles - we make dreams come true

Each person is individual and perceives the world around him in his own way, has his own sense of taste, his own system of priorities and aesthetic preferences. For example, somebody may be delighted with kitchen furniture, the second one may not like it at all, but the third one will simply remain indifferent. Therefore the custom-made kitchen furniture is so demanded. In addition, the furniture design is popular also for the reason that the typical options often do not fit into a small kitchen space, or vice versa may be too small for the large kitchen in a country house. Sometimes even the most high-quality and modern furniture is not able to provide real comfort and harmoniously to fit into the interior. And custom-made kitchens do not have these disadvantages.

Our Company Rīgas Mēbeles has been operating on the market for more than ten years. Our masters and designers have learned to understand and implement the demands of the clients very accurately, and the custom-made kitchen furniture from our Company is in great demand.

What are the advantages for the client, who decides to purchase the custom-made kitchen in our Company Rīgas Mēbeles?

- We will design custom-made kitchen furniture according to your sketches with great pleasure. The client can bring drawings and sketches of his ideas, and we will help them to develop and eventually get the perfect solution for your kitchen.

- We have highly qualified specialists who design furniture at a high professional level, and implement all the dreams of the client.

- By manufacturing the custom-made kitchen furniture, we use only high-quality materials and reliable fittings from the approved manufacturers.

- Design and range of our products will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

- Custom-made kitchen furniture is manufactured in the shortest possible time, but it depends on the material and complexity of the project.

- Our masters are constantly raising the level of their qualification, monitoring the novelties presented in the market and implement the best ideas by themselves.

- The wide choice of various allows us implementing  any client's desires.


Our Company Rīgas Mēbeles has been manufacturing custom-made kitchen furniture for many years. We know all the nuances of this process, carefully monitor the quality and highly evaluate our reputation. Therefore, you can safely entrust the furniture design and its manufacturing to our Company.