Personal design - we make custom-made furniture

There are numerous reasons for choosing custom-made furniture instead of buying ready-made kitchen sets in showrooms, shops or fairs. Experts of Rīgas Mēbeles will tell you why it is convenient and profitable to choose individual kitchen design instead of standard kitchen sets.


 Furniture that is created for you

The furniture in the house should be perfect. Only in this case, the design gets individuality and style, and your home becomes unique. Practice shows – it is almost impossible to find the ideal kitchen, bedroom or living room sets in the showroom. But the Company Rīgas Mēbeles offers custom-made furniture: designing of kitchens and other residential areas - is the main field of the activity of our company's specialists.


 What is the difference between ready-made and custom-made furniture?

 There are numerous differences between the custom-made sets and those that are executed according to the standard project.


Quality. Masters, whose services include the production of kitchen furniture, know that the increased attention will be paid to their work. That's why they do their best to ensure that the customer is satisfied and the furniture looks perfect and is reliable. Unfortunately, there is always a risk to buy a worn and cracked exhibition sample in the showroom, because it’s quite difficult to find high-quality samples.


Saving. The final price of the finished furniture set includes not only the cost of the work of the master, purchased materials and fastening tools. Assembly, arrangement of furniture in the store, salaries to the sellers who are working in the showroom, advertising - you have to pay for all of that if you buy a standard kitchen or a ready-made bedroom. Custom-made manufacturing of kitchen furniture in Rīgas Mēbeles is an opportunity to buy a set at an affordable price, which consists only of the master's work and expenditure on the materials.


Individual style. It will be unpleasant for you if you find exactly the same set of furniture in the house of your neighbors or friends. Personal design of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, children room will avoid such an unpleasant moment - in return you get furniture created just for you. Furniture with no analogues.